GREMLIN Database
Structure Predictions
  • Please read our recent publication for a complete introduction to the dataset:
    Large scale determination of previously unsolved protein structures using evolutionary information
    Sergey Ovchinnikov, Lisa Kinch, Hahnbeom Park, Yuxing Liao, Jimin Pei, David E Kim, Hetunandan Kamisetty, Nick V Grishin, David Baker
    Elife (2015). [LINK] [PDF]

  • List of Structure Predictions - Notes, models generated and links to the GREMLIN web-server output.
  • Benchmark - List of PDB(s) used in benchmarking and their assocated GREMLIN web-server output.
  • Jan. 01, 2016
    We've added functionality to visualize and interact with the co-evolution data directly online!
    Support for heteroligomeric structures is still in the works.

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