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Cytochrome bd oxidaseLast updated: 1439573862

Organism: ECOLI    
Function: known
Type: MEM
CYDA (Cytochrome bd ubiquinol oxidase subunit 1)
Uniprot: P0ABJ9
Ecogene: EG10173

CYDB (Cytochrome bd ubiquinol oxidase subunit 2)
Uniprot P0ABK2
Ecogene: EG10174

Co-evolution data:
The region between 312-377 is only found in proteobacteria, and most sequences do not have this region. In order to get a uniform alignment this region was initially excluded. It was later rebuild using the following data: Notes:
  • There is very weak (though consistent) signal with CYDA vs CYDX. We'll have to revisit this interaction when more sequences are available: 2529 (updated 2015_06). Model based on this interaction is attached, but maybe incorrect.


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