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Model ef77e_2f33e

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Model: Download Seq90: 1062
Chains: A Seq80: 872
Length: 108 Length: 108
Rc: 0.966 Seq/√Len: 84.6
Legend: GREMLIN results overlaid on PDB contacts. The grey/red filled circles underneath are pdb residue contacts (min distance < 5(dark) - 10(light) Angstroms). Inter oligomeric contacts in the pdb are in shades of red. Get full list of distances.
Score cutoff: Add Label
Legend: GREMLIN results. Distance <5 (Green), 5-10 (yellow), and >10 (red). 3D graphs powered by 3Dmol.js.
Legend: The i and j are positions as given in the PDB in the format: chain:id_resn
Legend: Distance vs. Score. Roll mouseover to get (i,j) pdb numbers.