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PF01899 - Na_H antiporter subunit E (MRPE_BACSU)Last updated: 1466148099

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: BOTH
Uniprot: Q7WY60
Pfam: PF01899 MNHE
Co-evolution data: Q7WY60

  • The N-terminal region is transmembrane and is not converged in the model due to no contacts with rest of structure.
Function (from Uniprot):
  • Mrp complex is a Na+/H+ antiporter that is considered to be the major Na+ excretion system in B.subtilis. Has a major role in Na+ resistance and a minor role in Na+- and K+-dependent pH homeostasis as compared to TetB. MrpA may be the actual Na+/H+ antiporter, although the six other Mrp proteins are all required for Na+/H+ antiport activity and Na+ resistance. MrpA is required for initiation of sporulation when external Na+ concentration increases. Also transports Li+ but not K+, Ca2+ or Mg2+.

Name DB Rc Date Action
Model Q7WY60_UNI 1.009 03Dec2015 View - Download
Model Q7WY60_UNI 1.000 03Dec2015 View - Download
Model Q7WY60_UNI 0.990 03Dec2015 View - Download
Model Q7WY60_UNI 0.980 03Dec2015 View - Download
Model Q7WY60_UNI 0.967 03Dec2015 View - Download

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