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PF04387 - Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein, PTPLA (HACD2_HUMAN)Last updated: 1466147972

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: SOL
Uniprot: Q6Y1H2
Pfam: PF04387. PTPLA. 1 hit. 
Co-evolution data: Q6Y1H2

  • C-terminal helix though converged in placement, not fully converged in detail (maybe fragment issue).
Function (from uniprot):
  • Catalyzes the third of the four reactions of the long-chain fatty acids elongation cycle. This endoplasmic reticulum-bound enzymatic process, allows the addition of two carbons to the chain of long- and very long-chain fatty acids/VLCFAs per cycle. This enzyme catalyzes the dehydration of the 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA intermediate into trans-2,3-enoyl-CoA, within each cycle of fatty acid elongation. Thereby, it participates to the production of VLCFAs of different chain lengths that are involved in multiple biological processes as precursors of membrane lipids and lipid mediators.
TMalign/SCOP results:
  • 0.51 d3iam4_ (HydB/Nqo4-like)

Name DB Rc Date Action
Model Q6Y1H2_UNI 0.893 09Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q6Y1H2_UNI 0.883 09Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q6Y1H2_UNI 0.880 09Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q6Y1H2_UNI 0.854 09Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q6Y1H2_UNI 0.844 09Jun2016 View - Download

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