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COB - PF03186 - CobD - Cobalamin biosynthesis protein CbiBLast updated: 1484014581

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: MEM
Uniprot: Q05600
Pfam: PF03186. CobD_Cbib. 1 hit. 
Co-evolution data: Q05600

  • ​Well converged, all contacts made... but has lots of exposed hydrophilic residues. If it forms a large complex with other proteins, the exposed hydophilics could be explained!
Function (from Uniprot):
  • Converts cobyric acid to cobinamide by the addition of aminopropanol on the F carboxylic group. However, the true cosubstrate could be (R)-1-amino-2-propanol O-2-phosphate, leading to cobinamide phosphate.
TMalign/SCOP results:
  • No hits found!

Name DB Rc Date Action
Model Q05600_UNI 1.043 07Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q05600_UNI 1.038 07Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q05600_UNI 1.032 07Jun2016 View - Download
Model Q05600_UNI 1.021 07Jun2016 View - Download
Model - Final Q05600_UNI 0.985 07Jun2016 View - Download

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