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PF02690 - NaPi-cotransporter (YQEW_BACSU)Last updated: 1466143977

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: MEM
Uniprot: P54463
Pfam: PF02690
Co-evolution data: P54463

  • This protein contains two PF02690 domains.
  • Not all contacts explained in monomer, looks like it may form a homo-oligomer!
  • The region 1-23 and 98-150 appears to be part of the conformational change and has two modes of interaction with the rest of the structure. The architecture resembles PDB:5CFY transporter, but the connectivity is completely different.
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Name DB Rc Date Action
Model P54463_UNI 1.001 06Jun2016 View - Download

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