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PF07664 - Ferrous iron transport protein B (FEOB_ECOLI)Last updated: 1486788611

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: MEM
Uniprot: P33650
Ecogene: EG12102. feoB. 
Pfam: Co-evolution data: P33650

  • This is a LARGE protein. The N-terminal soluble region has a structure (there are at least 8 structures of the exact sequence from different groups). Here we model the transmembrane region!
  • There is a distant homolog 4PD6 with similar fold for the core helices.
  • There are contacts between FEOB and FEOA domains. We attempt to model these in our "FULL" model.
Function (from Uniprot):
  • GTP-driven Fe2+ uptake system.

Name DB Rc Date Action
Model - FULL P33650_UNI 0.962 12Jun2016 View - Download
Model - FULL P33650_UNI 0.954 12Jun2016 View - Download
Model - MEM P33650_UNI 0.964 12Jun2016 View - Download

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