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PF10618 - Phage tail tube proteinLast updated: 1466121678

Organism: META    
Function: known
Type: SOL
Uniprot:  F3Z2T5
Pfam: PF10618. Tail_tube. 1 hit. 
Co-evolution data: F3Z2T5

  • LOTS of strong contacts not made... these are likely due to polymerization (see function note below).
Function (from Uniprot):
  • Polymerizes to make up the central tail tube that is surrounded by the tail sheath protein (TSP). Tail tube protein polymerization takes place around the tape measure protein (TMP) and is probably directed by chaperone proteins. Upon binding to host cell, the tail sheath contracts and the tail tube penetrates the host envelope. The tail tube is involved in viral genome delivery during ejection.
TMalign/SCOP results:
  • 0.58 d1y12a1 (Hcp1-like)
  • 0.57 d4w64a1 (Hcp1-like)
  • 0.57 d3eaaa_ (Hcp1-like)
  • 0.52 d2p5zx2 (Phage tail proteins)
  • 0.51 d2ecua_ (Split barrel-like)

Name DB Rc Date Action
Model F3Z2T5_UNI 0.796 16Jun2016 View - Download
Model F3Z2T5_UNI 0.791 16Jun2016 View - Download
Model F3Z2T5_UNI 0.785 16Jun2016 View - Download
Model F3Z2T5_UNI 0.779 16Jun2016 View - Download
Model F3Z2T5_UNI 0.773 16Jun2016 View - Download

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